Nostalgia Collection
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Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed by how much life she had time for.

Reminiscent of a slower time, when summers were spent frolicking in the outdoors, travels were documented with postcards and film cameras, and novels were escaped in beside relaxing coastlines and blissful solitude, Nostalgia inspires us to linger, to quiet the noise and live every day with a summer state of mind.

The entire range is made in South East Queensland from 100% regenerated Italian Lycra. Most of the collection is reversible with the ability to mix and match, allowing you to get multiple looks out of the one set.

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Oasis Collection

“Sand blows from bronze dunes onto sunlight glistening waters.

She meditates upon its serenity

The marketplace music, colours in vibrant unison, her feet walk calmly though the fervent atmosphere

The chaotic surroundings, the mountainous landscape- engulfs her heart,

Her eyes see no mediocrity.”

Inspired by the South American Paradise that is Brazil, our Oasis collection exudes an emboldened femininity known in Brazil, forged within its mountainous habitat, tropical beaches and passionate, vibrant culture. From its pleasant surroundings to the individual, we blend these facets of Brazil with our coastal hometown in Australia into pieces that portray its uniquely feminine experience.

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